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Great lover of words, nature and aesthetic. Aiming at creating a safe non-judgmental space, united in our common humanity, one post at a time.

When we share our stories, the good, the chaos, the beauty and the ugliness of life, we create a community, a culture of openness, acceptance of the imperfect and a strong support system we can all benefit from.

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Valued opinionator

Lover of the great outdoors, seafood and a cold beer

Greatest husband and even greater father. He came home one day and told me he realized the best way to raise our child is to love me, her mother, fiercely! That sums him up.



Lover of all things real and imaginary, well excluding paprika!

When you come across a little girl wandering about in the wild barefooted, a walking stick in hand collecting stone and wild flowers and all manner of interesting treasures, look behind her you will see us.

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