Welcome to The Village

Hello dear reader, thank you for stopping by. This page is long overdue, if you follow me on Instagram you may remember that I’ve talked about it for quite a while now.

I have thought and rethought writing the things I mean to share and have met myself with some resistance. Primarily because I want to share my truth, it is not always beautiful or delightful and I’m not always assured that it will be received with openness, yet here we are.

I believe writing and sharing stories creates a culture of openness and acceptance to our differences and sort of offers a bridge to tap into our common humanity,dismantling stereotypes, learning, teaching and finding everyday humour.

I’m convinced that writing and reading are engrained in my DNA. They have always been my escape. This is how I make sense of life and feel closer to my essence. When I’m not writing I feel a disconnect not just from my world but from myself too.

The idea behind The village is creating a space where we can share our stories and build a community. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a digital fire to sit around and hold hands, as we tell of our journeys, our triumphs and failures. As we learn and lean on each other free of judgment, comparison and shaming That’s the feeling I’m trying to harness.

Grab a cup of tee and come along with me on this journey of growth, trying, winning, failing and learning.

Kindly submit your story and it will be featured as soon as possible.

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