Worlds most beautiful library

Last weekend we headed out to the Austrian countryside for some well needed unwinding. My husband is a mountaineer, he believes that to truly unwind he must lose himself in the mountains. He says that somewhere between the climb and the summit is where he finds his calmest nature. I love the great outdoors as well and in addition I’m quite a bookworm. Imagine our (my) excitement discovering a place that offers both!

Our destination, Gesäuse National park is located in Steirmark about a 3hrs drive from Vienna. We stayed in a little cozy spot right in the park, surrounded by mountains and the blue-green waters of river Salza. With such friendly people, amazing food and a lot of cows! From there, within a 40 minutes drive lays Admonter Stiftsbibliothek  The world’s largest monastery library and in my opinion the most beautiful.

One can either take a guided tour for groups and individual visitors, or have an unguided tour. We choose the latter so we could keep our own pace. We had to observe the usual corona regulations for public places and due to said corona it was luckily not crowded. One positive thing that has happened thanks corona, is that now they offer virtual viewings online at anytime and from anywhwere!

This was truly something of a fairytale, The hall reminds me of beauty and the beast, I think I dreamt this moment!

Admont abbey was founded in 1074, and the library hall featured above was added in 1776. The abbey was largely destroyed by a fire in 1865. Fortunately the library was able to be rescued, and was restored over the course of fourteen years.

This Abbey is rich in culture, under the same roof you will also find a Natural history, Art history, and a Gothic museum, special exhibitions as well as a museum workshop! We unfortunatly only had time for the library and a short tour through the Natural museum.

 It is spectacular, on the inside as well as the outside. For more info follow the link on the first paragraph.

Thankyou for stopping by dear reader and if you dicide to take a virtual or in person tour, I wish you a lot of fun!


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