On a closer look

At times things do work out

Sometimes we do win

Sometimes we are right

Sometimes we achieve our goals in precisely the time frame we set out to

Sometimes our children behave just as expected, if not better

Sometimes we fall deeply in love with our spouses again

Sometimes we love ourselves completely

Sometimes we experience life in abundance

Sometimes everything is in equanimity, all aligned with who we are

Sometimes things do work out.

I tend to get caught in such a negative loop of overthinking my negative experiences. Often times I contemplate why we are here, what we are here for, why the pain hurts more than the joy fulfils?
Why when we are living on borrowed time, is it so hard to immerse our whole being into focusing on lifes abundance and gratitude?
Why do wounds and old scars occupy so much space, when there is so much good to celebrate? I’m finding it important to remind myself that sometimes, things go exactly as I intend them to.


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