Travelling within

I'm coming home to self
Places inside that have been abandoned
Hanging low with cobwebs and settled dust
A mouldy smell reeks in this space
From all the unworthy things,
Leaking through the cracks
It is deteriorating from energy spent without
A dark place that is in deep need of
Lighting, purification, cleansing and kindness
So it may revert back to origin, offer answers
Help discern love from things that mimick it
Help learn to love differently, Unbeastlike
Help open my inner ear to an old wisdom
That has always been there
Hidden under baggage, compliance and a lack of boundaries
I am coming back home to me
In the stillness of the morning
May I find my way there.


    1. Thank you for all the love. Sometimes we tend to love others so much that we neglect ourselves, I think this was around the point I realized I needed to focus within❤️


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