Life is our birthright

We are guilty until proven innocent
Savage apes are the name they called our ancestors 
When they invaded our lands
Claimed what was ours 
Stole our people
Branded them niggers as they enslaved them
Always taking, still taking 
Not just our lands and resources
Our lives as well

Our ancestors, they were free
Wise in ways unachievable in a classroom 
It was simple living 
Sowing and reaping
Gathering and foraging 
Herbal healing was the cornerstone for their medicine
Postpartum rituals that mothered new moms 
Back carrying their babes from birth to toddlerhood 
Absorbing mother earths energy barefooted

It was simple, frowned upon and labelled uncivilized 
Now reclaimed and sold back to us! 
Slow living, organic, homemade, homoeopathy,  holistic, 
Sustainable, babywearing, bonding, grounding... 
Aren't these the very things that were primitive about us? 

Our features never good enough
Not a standard of beauty
Only acceptable when appropriated  
Our hair we have to defend 
Is your afro a political statement? 
An act of rebellion
Sticking it to the man? 
Our excellence and intelligence 
Still come as a surprise! 

Life is everyone's birthright
This is a plead for humanity 
To review our conditioning
Our deep-rooted biases and prejudice 
To learn and unlearn and question our beliefs and social constructs
When humankind is constrained by a simple binary of black or white 
The nuances are lost
Our essence and what we bring to the world is left unexplored
We are tired of being presumed guilty and inferior
We are tired of explaining why we are worthy of respect and equal chance 
Our children should not have to fight and march for their birthright
It's theirs for the taking. 
Dedan Kimathi Wa Waciuri, Kenyan Revolutionary leader, Led the Mau Mau freedom fighters aganist the oppressive British colonial regime in the 1950s, He was later captured and executed because the British government saw him as a Terrorist!
When does this end?

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