My truth and ego

My soul recognizes the truth, my heart discerns it too
But, as soon as my mouth opens, my ego steers
Is this self-preservation, folly 
A display of my absurd complacency?
I cannot have a heartfelt conversation
While being led by my ego
It is undoubtedly twice as big as I am
Portraying the illusion of safeguarding me
Say, from rejection and heartbreak.

Looking within, there is a lot of havoc
Rendering vulnerability close to impossible
There is no genuineness in my ego
It wants to be right, portray power
None of these matters 
When it stems from a place of inauthenticity
Yet, I hold on tight, clipping my wings.

There is no room for both truth and ego
I feel that if I bury my ego, I will be struck naked
I'm fine, I'm okay will not suffice anymore
My pain will be so apparent, there will be nowhere to hide it
How do I show up for my truth?
These answers I have but don't seem to heed.
It is proving an immense challenge, sigh!

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