Death and rebirths

Watching you frolic with the wind
I desire to be part of this enchanting dance
I anticipate your fluff feathery bristles taking flight
landing in my arms, an invitation to join in, in your magic 
It would seem, you my wild flower are a snob 
Unbothered, not even a fleeting glance my way!

I promised to return on the morrow 
You and I already know it will be too late
A gentle breeze will have charmed you
Dispersing you to places unknown
Unafraid, you will find fertile soil for a fresh start
Leaving me to my dreams and longings
For a carefree dance, a puff and a wish.

I am assured of your return, in a season to come
I shall gently blow you, with a wish on my lips
To confidently twirl in breezes and tempests alike
Delight in sun rays kisses, while tears and rain drops
Drench and revive me, as I come undone
Scattered to unknown territory
With a promise to bloom come spring.

Until then, I will sit in the solitude of my thoughts
Being removed as I toil on things within
As I bury the titles I no longer hold
As I mourn and gladden in things that were 
With the knowledge that things work in cycles
Deaths and rebirths.

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