Words spoken not meant

Is this battle worth waging? Too late for that question,
I'm afraid I don't hear your words or welcome them
I seem busy defending my own in this insignificant battle
There is no bravery nor truth in a shallow, soulless exchange
Yet, we carelessly persist with much beyond us at stake
Defenders of our words we must be, forging our own chains
Facts, sky is blue, blood is red, this must be argued upon.

Foolish things such as feelings have no room 
banished, harbouring my hurt deep within me
How do you heal what you cannot voice ?
Heart bleeding, hidden behind hurtful careless words
Met with more words, cold as ice, cutting so deep
Yet we persist in this chaos, feeding the flame
The wedge widening with every word not meant but said.

I yield, give up, I'm journing within into my solitude
Carefully examining my charm and terror
Detangling the knots and laying to rest the unresolved
As I give way to any and all emotions that should arise
Letting them consume me, allowing room for transformation
For at least in this I'm assured of a greater reward
Calming my mind so my heart can guide 
The finding of things lost amongst despair and pain.


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