Life is beautiful

This is a movie that has stayed with me since watching it about 5 years ago. It captures the deep bond of a father and son relationship so beautifully. Taking viewers out of the reality of the holocaust and how grim life was, into focusing on how this dad shields his little son from lifes cruelty. The father uses wit and imagination to protect his son from the doom and hate that is their new norm. Saving him from the knowledge of how inhumane people can be. This amazing drama rouses a lot of emotions, tears, laughter, anger, sadness… Depicting how strong and resilient we humans are, how we can find hope in times of great fear, how the love we give can shield our loved ones emotional and physiological wellbeing.

I cannot help comparing this current period of uncertainty to the tragedy and beauty in this movie. Though totally different in their nature, they evoke the same human feelings in us, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and a general sense of foreboding doom. It is scary witnessing society shutdown like this. Stuff made for nightmares that I thought belonged only in fiction books and movies has suddenly become our reality. A lot of unknown plagues the mind, how long will this limbo stretch? Will we get ill? How many will die? What will be the aftermath of a crushed economy? Will people get paid? Will we go right back to abusing nature after it’s current thrive? Is this what an apocalypse feels like? How can I protect my child from all this anxiety and fear? So many uncertainties to ponder upon.

Things that we thought ordinary and mundane, we are suddenly recognizing were extraordinary all along. I feel amidst the fear an awakening happening, a new appreciation and gratitude for the simple things. I’m borrowing a leaf out of the dad in the movie, putting on my happy face to brighten this gloom, shield my little and look for a silver lining.

This being time, the unlimited time that I suddenly have to deepen the bond with my family, especially my daughter who is now joined to my hip. It is no easy task, parenting a little demanding human being who seems to have selective hearing or none at all, can take a lot of energy. One thing is for sure, when I’m calm, she adapts my calmness and when I’m anxious ( which is easy to be with the current events) she mirrors it. This is the best time to find little joys, practice mindful, conscious parenting, establish limits and boundaries. Be creative as we find fun activities to keep us occupied and entertained during this lockdown. Squeeze in some guilt-free, self-care time, even if only 10 min of whatever feeds my soul.

Love and hope can survive the most bleak of time. I’m sending you love dear reader. To anyone who has to be in close proximity with the sick, people who have to carry on in their line of duty despite the lockdown we see you, we appreciate you. People who have lost loved ones, People suffering in quarantine, You are not alone. This too shall pass.

Be kind, remember you live in a community so don’t panic buy all the toilet paper. Stay safe, throw your windows open and let some air and sunshine in. Take your vitamins, feed your soul and most importantly enjoy your loved ones. This too will pass then we can picnic under magnolia blossom as we hunt easter eggs and chocolate coins…


  1. awwwww what an ending. I can not wait to do all the little things we take for granted when this is all over, and hopefully it is soon.
    Also, I’m so watching this movie today.
    Thank you for spreading positivity in this space.

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