I am unleashing the caged woman
She must face her demon
Put an end to this famine of the wild
A barren land where nothing grows
Where things go to wither and die
A too tame life hungers her soul
Her life-giving water long abandoned
A disconnect with her instinctual nature
Too much noise within her silence
Rendering her deaf to her own hearts song

She will not be hostage
I will not stand witness to her starvation
She must reclaim, re-build, re-emerge
I will let her breath, run wild, scream
She will rekindle her own fire
prosecutor of the unquestioned status quo
She will no longer be of service
Her soul will not volunteer for enslavement
Farewell starved soul and self-imposed silence
Run wild, dance, be loud, thrive, rewild

I wrote this piece mid-last year. I was going through a self-created cycle of madness, which I could not seem to break. After a lot of introspective journaling and reflection, I knew I had to get back to her, the wild woman. I could not hide behind “I’m okay, I don’t need help, leave me alone”. I was constantly picking fights with my husband not realizing my fight was internal. I had to go home and collect her from where I had abandoned her. When she started to break through the facade, the change was undeniable. My relationship to self flourished and with it my marriage.

Chaos is part of life, losing our footing as well, but may we always find a way back to our wild woman.

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