White sundress and a huge hat

Little girl with big eyes and curiosity
White summer dress paired with a huge sun hat 
Barefooted, absorbing mother earth's subtle energy
Deeply immersed in this ancient city
A charming maze of narrow old cobblestone alleys
Marked by ancient secrets and traditions

Like the children in many past generations
These rustic streets provide the best playground
The perfect scope for her imagination
Running around merrily
Collecting little stones she treasures  
Visiting markets full of ancient glories  
Touring ruins of great castles once alive with laughter 
Once occupied by great names marked in history and
some long forgotten. 

A mixture of rich heritage and culture has attracted masses
Some stop to look at her
As if she is part of this enchanting city
She radiates beauty and a somewhat unattainable freedom
Exploring freely, her energy contagious
Oblivious of this effect, she carefree dances
her way around medieval artistry.

She seems lost to the idea of time, it is of no meaning  
The past is gone, unaware of a future, she is in the now  
Resting in the safety of the love she feels.
How wonderful it is to be young and free 
To be alive and present.

Little girl in a white sundress and a huge hut, 
Thank you for letting us see the world through you
For being a gift.


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