Watching other people’s lives going by as if effortlessly, everything falling into place with seamless ease, meanwhile you seem stuck. Looking in from the outside you cannot help but feel envy which slowly turns into despair. You feel robbed, as if the life you are living is not yours, for it appears to have stagnated.

This perception, which is primarily based on the assumption of others doing better, while indeed we have no idea of their struggle or lack there of, blinds us to all the great and worthwhile things happening in our lives. Thus lacking in gratitude, allowing comparison to consume us, compressing our own vivid energies and depriving our own peace of mind. While we are busying ourselves with other people’s seemingly perfect lives, we are missing out on moments in ours or at least in the time to create them. Envy is venomous, jealousy even more so.

A heart full of gratitude is a happy one. The more we put our efforts into creating the bonds we want in interpersonal and personal relationships, the more we achieve close bonds in and out of ourselves. It is quite easy to let ourselves get caught up in the have and have nots of others but we need to put conscious effort and energy in creating the life we want.

This post was prompted by a recent conversation with a friend, it seemed to revolve on what others have and sounded self discriminatory. As if she was blind to any and all of her blessings. Mind you, this is not a person I perceive to lack. I pray she finds peace and gratitude for all she has, however little and simple.

Happy 2020 to you readers. May we all water our own grass till it is as green as we want it to be and may we be the guardians of our own peace of mind.

Above is a photo of Egyptian royalty, resting in a magnificent grave for others to behold. Doesn’t this knowledge of our own mortality make us want to do better by ourselves and our loved ones? We are here but for a short time. Such a waste and shame spending this time in a way that doesn’t grow us.