Motherhood series, part 3

Prepare for a mind blow

Watching the development of another human being from the very beginning, more so one that carries your DNA, is absolutely amazing. Thanks to technology we could watch our baby’s development from a very early gestational age. It was really fascinating watching that tiny heartbeat evolve into a baby! A little helpless being, fragile yet so determined. At one point the only thing she knew to do was breath, suckle, pee and poo. Then in what felt like a fraction of a second, she was running, swimming, climbing, dancing, socializing, talking, not just in one language but multiple. Telling stories that make actual sense. Negotiating for more bedtime stories… I can’t help thinking of how fast it has all happened.

It is truly magical watching her grow. Her personality being revealed to us bit by bit. How she lets out a “wooooow schau mal” (look) when she sees something of beauty, which might have escaped our eye. When she tells a joke and surprises us with her wonderful sense of humour. When she let me know that I have hurt her feelings in a very matter of fact manner, “mommy you are making me very unhappy”. When she draws her boundaries, she recently told her dad, “Daddy, stop sniffing me, I’m not a flower”! When I’m sitting on the sideline watching her play fantasy games, my mind is absolutely blown away by how vivid her imagination is, the things she comes up with. At times I get a role in these fantasy games, and after 30 min, I’m ready to move on (things to do). She can keep evolving the game for hours non stop! I opt out with a tinge of sadness knowing that soon enough she will not need me to play pretend with her, bittersweet.

She can be such a darling, giving random kisses and cuddles, saying things like, “Meine mommy/daddy! Ich Liebe Dich”!(My mommy/daddy, I love you) My heart swells with this warm fuzzy feeling, I can feel it almost exploding. She can be savage too, hitting, biting and saying things like, “Geh weg, Lass mich in Ruhe”, while making a mean face! ( go away, Leave me in peace) The highs of parenting are so high and the lows so low but they exist in balance, one does not outdo the other. Every day we learn something new about her which is both beautiful and terrifying. She is constantly surprising us. Showing us who she is and how she perceives the world.

When I think of the little heartbeat that has now evolved, into this little, beautiful human being, right in front of my eyes, I cannot help but feel honoured and awed to be in the front seat of it all. The concept of time seems to be an illusion, one blink and 2 years are gone!

Below is a caption, copied from my Instagram account, on how kids have a way of bringing us back to the present.

The temperature has fallen so rapidly, most days are now grey! This weekend was no different. We decided to spend the day at the Therme Wien. Kurpark, one of the most beautiful park in Vienna, is right next to it. So we were excited to visit the Llamas and sheep before we headed to the Therme.

The clouds turned dark n the rain began to fall, light showers at first but within no time, so heavy I felt the day ruined! I minded, they didn’t. I hide my self beneath the safety of the trees, drenched completely wet.

They proceeded along to watch the flock of sheep, that had gathered under the shed to escape the rain. They lingered a bit. From my safety, they looked picture-perfect, Like a moment I had dreamt of. There in the open rain, surrounded by mist and autumn trees, waving at the sheep! I thought to myself, what a beautiful life.

As they came back laughing, and her singing in the rain. I was yet again reminded that I needed to live, carefree n fearless as she is.

She drew me from my absence to the present, reminding me that there is joy to be found in everything, If I allow myself a peek past my prejudices and notions.
So I let the rain wash away my cares as I jumped water puddles with her. Letting her childish joy and laughter sprinkle on to me. I never thought I would find perfection in being soaked wet to the bone, strolling in a deserted park, as I sang along with my little family.

This 2-year-old reminds us constantly that everything can be exciting with the right perspective. The mindset of a child, of endless possibilities and persistence. I try and adopt this mindset.

We nurture her curiosity and let her leads us to lighter versions of ourselves, Slowing us down from our fast-paced life. Knowing that everyone of her experience will not disappear, but linger in her subconscious or conscious memories or in -tangible form, helps us slow down and savor this fleeting little moments, being fully present with joy and gratitude in our hearts.

Slow living is the goal. She teaches us how.


Thank you for stopping by and please do share with us some of your mind-blowing experiences as caretakers.


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